Electric Strike Locks

In the realm of modern security systems, access control plays a paramount role in safeguarding physical spaces. As technology advances, traditional lock and key mechanisms are gradually being replaced by more sophisticated solutions, and one such innovation is the electric strike lock.

This practical overview delves into the world of electric strike locks, exploring their benefits, installation process, compatibility, and frequently asked questions to provide a comprehensive understanding of their role in enhancing access control.

Traditional locks can be easily bypassed, compromising the security of buildings and assets.

As technology advances, criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their methods of breaching access controls. This puts businesses at risk of theft and unauthorized entry.

WOW Locks LLC offers a practical solution with our electric strike locks. These innovative locks provide enhanced access control, making it significantly harder for unauthorized individuals to gain entry. With advanced features and a robust design, our electric strike locks ensure the safety and security of your premises.

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Understanding Electric Strike Locks

Electric strike locks are electronic locking devices that are used in conjunction with traditional locksets. They provide an added layer of security by enabling remote or automated control over access to a building or specific areas within it. Electric strikes are installed on the door frame, and they work by allowing or denying entry when an electric current is applied. This current controls the movement of the latch or bolt, effectively securing or releasing the door.

Benefits of Electric Strike Locks

Enhanced Security: Electric strike locks bolster security measures by allowing controlled access. They are particularly effective in restricting unauthorized entry and can be integrated with other security systems.

Convenience: With electric strike locks, there’s no need for physical keys. Access can be managed through key cards, fobs, or even biometric systems, providing convenience to authorized personnel.

Remote Access Control: These locks can be operated remotely, enabling authorized personnel to grant access to visitors or employees even from off-site locations.

Audit Trails: Many electric strike lock systems offer audit trail capabilities, allowing administrators to track who accessed a space and at what time. This feature can be invaluable for security monitoring and investigations.

Integration Possibilities: Electric strike locks can integrate with existing security systems, such as CCTV and alarms, creating a comprehensive security network.

Durable and Low Maintenance: These locks are built to withstand significant wear and tear, and they require minimal maintenance, reducing long-term costs.

Installation Process

The installation of electric strike locks involves several key steps:

Assessment: Begin by assessing the door and frame to ensure compatibility with the chosen electric strike lock.

Prepare the Door: Remove the existing strike plate and mortise as needed to accommodate the new lock. Drill holes for wiring if required.

Install the Lock: Attach the lock to the door frame using screws and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring.

Connect Wiring: Connect the lock to a power source and any access control systems you plan to use, such as key card readers or biometric scanners.

Test: Ensure the lock operates smoothly and integrates correctly with your access control system.

Finalize: Once testing is successful, secure the lock in place and make any necessary adjustments.

Compatibility and Integration

Electric strike locks can be integrated into various access control systems, making them versatile for different applications:

Key Card Access: One of the most common integrations, electric strikes can be paired with key card systems for streamlined access.

Biometric Access: Integrating with biometric scanners adds an extra layer of security, as access is granted based on unique physiological traits.

Intercom Systems: Electric strikes can be connected to intercoms, allowing visual or audio verification before granting entry.

Remote Control: Integration with remote control systems enables access management from a central location.

Time-Based Access: These locks can be programmed to allow access only during specific time frames, enhancing security during off-hours.

Different Types of Electric Strike Locks

Compose an in-depth article discussing the diverse range of electric strike locks available in the market today.

Cover the functionalities, applications, and advantages of different types of electric strike locks, such as:

Fail-Secure Electric Strike Locks: Delve into how fail-secure electric strikes maintain security even during power failures and explore their suitability for various access control systems.

Fail-Safe Electric Strike Locks: Explain the features and benefits of fail-safe electric strikes, highlighting their usage in emergency exit situations and fire safety systems.

Mortise Electric Strikes: Discuss the working principle and installation process of mortise electric strikes, along with their compatibility with different door types and locking mechanisms.

Cylindrical Electric Strikes: Detail the applications of cylindrical electric strikes in both residential and commercial settings, emphasizing their ease of installation and integration with standard door hardware.

Rim-Mounted Electric Strikes: Explore the unique characteristics of rim-mounted electric strikes, including their use in rim exit devices and surface-mounted locking systems.

Flush-Mounted Electric Strikes: Highlight the discreet nature of flush-mounted electric strikes and their contribution to aesthetically pleasing access control solutions.

Surface-Mounted Electric Strikes: Explain how surface-mounted electric strikes offer versatility in installation and discuss their effectiveness in retrofitting existing doors.

Standard Duty vs. Heavy Duty Electric Strikes: Differentiate between standard duty and heavy duty electric strikes, addressing their durability, load-bearing capacity, and recommended applications.

Stainless Steel Electric Strikes: Showcase the corrosion resistance and enhanced security provided by stainless steel electric strikes, making them suitable for outdoor and high-moisture environments.

Remote-Controlled Electric Strikes: Describe the convenience of remote-controlled electric strikes, detailing their integration with access control systems, keyless entry, and smart home setups.

Time Delay Electric Strikes: Elaborate on the functionalities of time delay electric strikes, including their use in controlled access scenarios and visitor management systems.

Voltage Options and Compatibility: Provide insights into the varying voltage options for electric strikes and explain how compatibility considerations impact their successful integration into broader security systems.

Incorporate real-world examples, installation tips, and comparisons between different electric strike locks to help readers make informed decisions based on their specific security needs.


Are electric strike locks suitable for all types of doors?

Electric strikes are compatible with most types of doors, including wood, metal, and glass. However, proper assessment of the door and frame is essential to ensure proper installation.

Can electric strike locks be installed on fire-rated doors

Yes, electric strikes can be installed on fire-rated doors. It’s crucial to choose electric strikes that meet fire safety standards and consult relevant regulations.

What happens during a power failure?

Many electric strike locks come with a fail-secure or fail-safe option. Fail-secure locks remain locked during a power failure, while fail-safe locks automatically unlock. The choice depends on security needs.

Can I integrate electric strikes into my existing security system?

Yes, electric strike locks are designed for integration. They can be seamlessly incorporated into access control, surveillance, and alarm systems.

How are electric strikes powered?

Electric strikes are powered by low-voltage sources, usually ranging from 12V to 24V. They can be powered by dedicated power supplies or through the access control system.

Can I retrofit electric strikes onto existing doors?

Retrofitting is possible, but it requires careful consideration of door compatibility and may involve modifications to the door and frame.

Are electric strikes vulnerable to hacking?

Like any electronic system, there is a potential for hacking. However, using secure wiring, encryption, and following best practices can significantly mitigate these risks.

Are electric strikes high maintenance?

Electric strike locks are generally low maintenance due to their durability. Regular inspections and cleaning can help maintain their performance.

Can I install electric strikes myself?

While DIY installation is possible, it’s recommended to consult professionals, especially for proper wiring and integration with access control systems.

Do electric strikes comply with industry standards?

Reputable electric strike manufacturers design their products to meet industry standards and regulations, ensuring their reliability and performance.

In conclusion, electric strike locks offer an effective means of enhancing access control in various settings. Their compatibility with different access systems, convenience, and remote management capabilities make them a valuable component of modern security setups. As technology continues to evolve, electric strike locks are likely to play an even more significant role in fortifying access control and ensuring the safety of physical spaces.

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