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With the advent of technology, electronic and electric strike locks have become the new favorite of the people, especially in the workplace where security is very highly crucial. Employers need to ensure that their employees, clients, and workplace are safe and secure.


One of the steps in this process is to install a proper locking system. Also, the doors should be accessible to visitors, employees, and clients. For this, an electric strike lock is the best way to solve these issues. Electric strike locks can be added to any locking system like cylindrical locks, deadbolt locks, or mortise locks.Electric Strike Locks

Electric strike locks are not just sturdy they are also simple and easy to use. The system works on electricity and has an external switch to open or close it when required. The device has a metal frame that holds back the latch by connecting it with a solenoid which is powered by electricity. The device is placed on the door frame and when power is supplied, the door opens up for you.

Types of Electric Strike Locks


There are various kinds of electric strike locks that you can select from. You can get the following electric locks from WOW, Locks:


  1. Electric strikes for narrow stile doors
  2. Electric strikes for single doors
  3. Electric strikes for double doors
  4. Electric strikes for fire-rated doors
  5. Wireless electric locks
  6. Single magnetic locks
  7. Double magnetic locks

You can also manage multiple doors with one device and restrict access to certain rooms if you wish to. In terms of security, this locking system is effective because once the door is closed it cannot be opened from outside even if someone removes the outer knob or breaks it down.


Other than this, there are several benefits associated with using electric strike locks for your commercial building. Let’s take a look at some of them-


  1. Easy to use – As mentioned above, these locks are easily programmable and can be used in conjunction with cards, keys, or keypads. They also come with a panic bar that allows the door to open easily in case of an emergency.


  1. Great security – These electric strike locks provide great security against forced entry or burglary because they come with a good quality metal that is sturdy and strong enough to resist any forced entry methods such as kick-ins or drilling into the lock.


  1. No more unnecessary costs – As there is no need for inserting keys into the lock, there is no breakage of keys or any damage caused due to repeated insertion and removal of keys from the lock. This makes electronic locks more durable than conventional


WOW Locks: Your Reliable Lock Installation Expert


Electric Strike Locks are durable, reliable, and cost-effective when compared to other locking systems. If you want to install electric strike locks in your home or office, then WOW Locks is the right choice for you. We provide quality service with a smile within minutes of your call anywhere in the Austin and Dallas areas.


At WOW Locks, we operate locally offering quick and quality service for all your commercial locksmith requirements. It is understood how difficult it is to determine whether it’s just a simple fix or if you need to call in a professional for assistance.


Thus, we advise you to be cautious and not try to repair an electric strike lock on your own—in fact, with most electronic locks, it’s best to leave it up to professionals else it may lead further to heavy investments.


Here, our commercial locksmiths are ready to help when you need us. When you call us for help with an electric strike locks repair, our team will quickly arrive and have the right tools and experience necessary to fix the problem in no time. We can quickly diagnose problems and will get your doors back into working order fast!


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Here, we are trusted by many local businesses for our ultimate choice of Electric strike locks. We have been installing, replacing, and maintaining these locks for many years with the required expertise.


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