Residential Locksmith Services

At WOW Locks, we take pride in our ability to offer the best quality in our workmanship. When it comes to home security technology, things have changed a lot. Today, homeowners can choose a wide variety of state-of-the-art security features. These include digital door locks, smart deadbolt locks, and master key systems.

We deal in all standard and innovative locks and home security solutions that offer a higher security and convenience level than ever before.

Flat Rate Residential Locksmith Services

There are many reasons why you need to hire a locksmith for your home, but if you are looking for affordable residential locksmith services then flat-rate is the place for you. Our flat pricing rates allow us to put our customers first while still offering professional locksmith service.


Home Lockout Service

Break or lose the key to your house? Still got your key, but are you not being able to open the door? Well, don’t think about breaking a window. Simply call us for instant help!

WOW Locks have got you covered when it comes to home lockout. Our experienced technicians offer you with desired convenient lockout service as and when needed. No matter the situation, we’ll send a skillful technician to get you back into your home quickly.

Call your local WOW Locks in Texas today to get a quick home lockout quote!

Lock Repair & Installation

WOW Locks serves as your trusted one-stop residential locksmith. We understand the safety of your family and keep this at our highest priority. Our trained technicians can deliver a full spectrum of blacksmithing services needed for your home, including lock repair and installation.

When rekeying is not possible, we suggest lock repair and installation. If it becomes important to have lock hardware repaired or replaced with a whole new piece, don’t put your safety at risk. Let out professionals handle the job to assure the security and safety of your family and valuable belongings.

Our trained and certified residential locksmith technicians can professionally install high-end locks at minimal cost and time. We can repair or install locks of all types, brands & models.

We are a team of fast, reliable, and background-checked mobile technicians. We are fully equipped to install or repair your locks correctly or quickly. We’ll come to you at any time you need. Trust the pros at WOW Locks for all your lock repair & installation needs.

Lock Rekeying

Are you shifting into a new home? Have you resides in your current home for many years but never get a chance to change the locks?

Well, rekeying your home’s locks is critical to ensure that you know exactly who can access your house. It also helps increase the overall security of your house.

A rekeying is not about removing the lock itself. At WOW Lock, our seasoned residential locksmiths simply change the pinning inside the existing lock and provide it with new keys. After this, the old keys won’t work anymore. It is typically the most suitable option if you are looking to change locks at your house because it does not need new lock hardware.

Window Lock Repair

Windows in our homes are important, like doors. That is why we should treat them with care and give them the utmost attention possible. There are many burglars who use windows to intrude into your home. So, it is really crucial to ensure a well-functioning window lock that keeps intruders out and safeguards your family.

At WOW Locks, our skillful locksmiths are trained to properly assess the window locks repair service you need. We are capable of helping with any type of window, starting from sliding windows to casement windows.

As a homeowner, you must call a professional locksmith to help you repair problematic window locks right after you notice them. Our locksmiths will quickly troubleshoot the problematic window lock and repair the existing lock or replace it with a new one.

Many homeowners do not prefer to call a locksmith because they think that these are small issues. They try to avoid costs that may incur in this process.

If you have never suffered a theft or a break-in, it does not mean that you will never face this. You can if you have loopholes in your home’s security system, and a malfunctioning window lock is one of them.

The security of your windows is critical to the overall security of your home. So stay vigilant about it and call WOW Locks to handle this.


Smart Lock Installation

Smart Lock installation is the future of home security. Its aim to provide both the convenience of automated technology and the security usually provided by locks to every homeowner. Smart locks look cool and futuristic. Also, they help homeowners get wider security even from remote locations over their homes.

Users of Smart locks are increasing because it is very beneficial. Before incorporating smart locks, homeowners need to understand how it works and what its benefits are.

These advanced locks are popular these days throughout the locksmith industry and reinventing the home security space.

With the technological innovation that smart locks bring, their design makes homeowners feel like the future already arrives. Now, many homeowners are taking advantage of opting for a smart lock installation in their homes.

Contact us for smart locks installation and repair services.

Safe Lockouts

Protecting your valuables is important. However, during some unfortunate moments, the same protection can hinder you from accessing your important property.

When this is the case with your safe lockouts, there is a risk of losing your valuables, or you may unintentionally damage the contents housed inside the safe with inappropriate opening techniques. At WOW Locks, we prioritize the safety and protection of your valuable possessions in the safe. We take every precaution to guarantee the standard of quality.

Most safes use a dial or combination lock system. This mechanism works at the very basic level, on tabbed wheels moves when the dial is rotated. The tabs of the wheels are all connected at a point. As the wheels line up a bar, the nose drops to unite the wheel pack. Burglars are aware of this mechanism, and they can easily break this through.

At WOW Locks, we recommend using a digital lock that works off a bolting system. This prevents your safe from being opened without using the code. So, this is a far securer way to protect your precious belongings. So, we suggest using digital safe locks for your valuable possessions stored in them.

So, contact us today for all your needs of flat-rate residential locksmith services in Texas.