• Everything You Should Know About Transponder Keys

    Have you ever been standing in front of your car, purse or wallet in hand, and suddenly realized that somewhere between frantically running to work and taking the kids to school you’ve misplaced your keys?

    You would think that having a spare set solves this problem but what if it’s the transponder key for your car – the one with all the security features?

    The feeling of frustration starts to creep in because now there is so much more at stake than just replacing an ordinary lost key. Don’t worry! In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at everything there is to know about transponder keys from how they work and where you can get them replaced.

    What Is A Transponder Key And What Does It Do

    A transponder car key is an electronic security device that is embedded with a transponder chip. The transponder chip has information that will only allow your car to start when the right signal is sent from the transponder chip to the vehicle’s engine computer.

    This helps prevent theft by ensuring that only authorized drivers are able to access your car, making it much more secure than conventional keys.

    In order for a transponder car key to work, you will need to have it programmed by an auto locksmith. The auto locksmith will take the necessary steps and use specialized equipment in order to program the transponder chip so that it works properly with your car’s engine computer. Once this programming is completed, your transponder car key will be able to start the car and you can drive away with peace of mind.

    Although transponder car keys are more secure than regular car keys, there are still certain risks associated with them. If a transponder car key is lost or stolen, it may be difficult for an auto locksmith to reprogram it, which could leave your vehicle vulnerable to thieves.

    It is important to have any transponder keys securely stored when not in use and never leave them in plain sight inside the vehicle.

    Additionally, if you ever find yourself without a transponder key, contact an auto locksmith immediately so that they can assist you in getting a new one as quickly as possible.

    The Benefits Of Having A Transponder Key

    Transponder chip keys are a great way to increase the security of your vehicle and provide peace of mind. Transponder chip keys, also known as chip keys, transponder keys, or smart keys, contain a small chip inside them that transmits a coded signal to the car’s onboard computer.

    This allows only authorized vehicles to start, deterring thieves from stealing your vehicle or its contents.

    Having an expert cut and program the key ensures that it will work properly with your vehicle’s system.

    Transponder chip key cutting is an important part of ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle. A professional technician can accurately measure and cut the key so that it fits perfectly in the lock cylinder, preventing theft and other types of unauthorized access.

    The chip inside the key must also be programmed properly in order for it to work with your vehicle’s computer system. This programming is typically done by a dealership or locksmith and ensures that only authorized individuals can start the vehicle.

    In addition to providing security, chip keys are convenient and easy to use. Most chip keys come with two buttons on their surface: one for locking and unlocking the doors, and another for activating the alarm system.

    This allows you to quickly secure your vehicle with just a few simple presses. Furthermore, chip keys are often much more durable than traditional mechanical keys, so they won’t break or become damaged over time like regular keys might.

    How To Use A Transponder Key

    Using a transponder key is an easy and convenient way to access your vehicle. Transponder keys work by sending a radio frequency identification (RFID) signal from the smart key to the car’s onboard computer. This unique signal allows only authorized users to start the car’s engine when they press down on the ignition switch.

    To use a transponder key, first, find a qualified locksmith who can cut you one based on your vehicle’s specific make and model. Once the transponder key has been cut, it needs to be programmed with your car’s specific codes using specialized diagnostic tools.

    Once this process is complete, you can insert the smart key into the ignition switch, turn it clockwise, and start your car.

    When you’re done driving, remove the smart key and lock your vehicle as usual. If you lose or damage your transponder key, contact a professional locksmith to get a replacement programmed to match your car’s specific make and model.

    With these simple steps, you can enjoy the convenience of using a smart key to access your vehicle quickly and securely.

    When You Should Replace Your Transponder Key

    Some vehicles come with transponder keys, which are specialized keys that contain a transponder chip inside. The chip is programmed to send an electronic signal from the key to the vehicle’s computer when the key is inserted in the ignition.

    This verifies that only authorized people can start your car. You can get your transponder keys cut at any locksmith or dealership, but if yours becomes damaged or lost, you might need to replace it.

    Here are a few signs your transponder key needs replacing:

    • Your remote head keys no longer work properly – If you find that your remote isn’t working as well as it used to, chances are there may be something wrong with the transponder chip.
    • Your transponder key is damaged – If you’ve dropped your key multiple times or it has been exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity, the transponder chip could be affected, causing it to not work properly.
    • Your car won’t start – This is a sign that something is wrong with your transponder key. It could be either the transponder chip or the programming of the key itself.

    If any of these signs apply to you, then it might be time to replace your transponder key. You can get a new one cut at a locksmith or dealership and they can also help reprogram the new key so that it will work with your vehicle.

    If you take your car to a dealership, they can also check the transponder chip inside the key to make sure it is working correctly. Taking care of this now can help prevent any potential theft or other security issues related to an old and malfunctioning transponder key. Replacing your transponder key is an important step in keeping your vehicle safe and secure.

    Common Problems With Transponder Keys And How To Solve Them

    Transponder keys are becoming increasingly popular due to their enhanced security. But there can be some issues with them that can cause a great deal of frustration.

    Here are some common transponder key problems and how to solve them:

    Lost or Stolen Keys:

    Transponder keys must be cut in order for the chip inside to work, so if you’ve lost your key it will need to be replaced. The good news is that all you have to do is take the old key to an auto locksmith who specializes in transponder keys, and they should be able to make you a new one quickly and easily.

    Broken Keys:

    If your transponder key has been broken, you may need to have it replaced as well. In this case, a locksmith should be able to cut a new key for you and program the transponder chip inside so that it works just like your old one.

    Remote Head Keys:

    Many modern cars come with remote head keys, which allow you to unlock and start your car from a distance. These are especially handy if you’ve locked yourself out or if something has gone wrong with the key itself.

    Just like with transponder keys, these must be cut in order to work correctly. So if yours is lost or broken, take it to an experienced auto locksmith who will be able to help you get back into your car quickly and easily.

    How Much Does A Transponder Key Cost

    The cost of transponder keys varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Generally, transponder key cut costs start at around $50 for traditional car keys, while more complex transponder keys can cost up to $250 or more.

    It is important to note that some auto dealerships may charge higher rates than other independent locksmiths. Therefore, it’s wise to shop around for the best price before committing to a transponder key-cutting service.

    Investing in transponder keys is well worth it for any vehicle owner, as transponders provide enhanced security against auto theft compared with traditional car keys.

    Transponder keys are programmed specifically for your car’s ignition system, meaning only you have the correct transponder key that can start your car. With this extra layer of protection, transponder keys are an excellent way to help protect your vehicle from theft.

    Getting Locked Out Of Your Car Can Be Stressful And Overwhelming

    If you’re looking for a reliable way to get into your car, consider transponder keys! Transponder keys are the perfect solution when it comes to preventing lockouts while providing secure access in the event that you do find yourself locked out. And with WOW Locks, you can have peace of mind knowing that all our products offer superior security features and convenience.

    Our transponder keys are designed from top-quality materials, guaranteeing your vehicle will stay safe at all times. Plus, we use advanced technology to ensure that you won’t experience any inconveniences when using them. They provide quick access without compromising on safety or reliability – not just for today but for years to come!

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  • 6-Step Guide On How To Install Access Control

    Access control is an important security measure for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It allows you to monitor who comes into your premise, so you can keep unwanted visitors out.

    Furthermore, access control systems provide a way to quickly update credentials, enabling employees on the go or remote working from home access rights easily and safely.

    In this blog post, we will discuss how to install an efficient access control system step by step in order to ensure you are secure and have complete control over who enters your premises!

    What Is Access Control?

    Access control is an important part of any complete security system. It is a system that manages access to physical areas, as well as digital resources. Access control systems typically use identification cards, passwords, biometric measures such as fingerprints or other facial recognition technology, and/or keys to identify users and allow them access to certain areas or resources.

    A new access control system can mean increased safety for your business by providing complete control over who has access to certain areas – both physically and digitally.

    With an access control management system in place, you can keep track of who enters or exits a particular area at any given time and ensure proper authorization for all users. This gives you complete oversight of your premises while also allowing only authorized personnel into restricted areas.

    An access control system is also a great way to improve your organization’s security and compliance levels with industry regulations and standards, such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

    By ensuring complete control over who has access to certain resources, you can reduce the risk of unauthorized users gaining access to sensitive information.

    In addition, an access control system can help streamline the process of granting different levels of authorization for different personnel in order to meet specific security needs.

    Plus, can increase overall efficiency by allowing authorized users quick and easy access without having to manually check every person entering or exiting an area.

    What Are Access Control Benefits For Businesses And Homeowners?

    Access control is a complete access control system that helps to protect your business or home from potential intruders. With an access control installation, you can limit and control who has access to certain areas of your property.

    This can be done through the installation of locks, alarm systems, CCTV surveillance cameras, and other security measures. Access control also gives you complete control over who can enter specific areas at any given time via secure credentials such as key cards or PIN numbers.

    By using access control, you’re able to restrict access to your property while still allowing authorized personnel complete entry into secure areas when necessary.

    In addition to increased safety and security for your business or home, there are many benefits associated with access control installations including:

    • Increased Property Security – Access control can help to protect your property from theft and vandalism, while also helping to deter potential intruders.
    • Improved Efficiency – By controlling access to certain areas on your property, you’ll be able to better manage the flow of traffic and personnel within your business or home.
    • Enhanced Employee Productivity – With complete access control over who is entering specific areas of your property, you can help ensure that employees are not wasting time in unauthorized areas and are instead working efficiently.
    • Reduced Risk Of Injury And Liability – By limiting access to dangerous machinery or hazardous chemicals on your property, an access control system helps reduce potential risks of injury or liability for businesses and homeowners alike.

    How To Choose The Right Type Of Access Control For Your Needs

    Regardless of the size and scope of your business, access control is an important security feature that should be considered.

    Access control systems are composed of two components: physical devices, such as access control readers, which interact with personnel or assets; and a software system designed to monitor and manage access rights, user credentials, and other aspects of the system.

    When selecting the right access control solution for your business, you’ll need to consider several factors including budget constraints, type of facility (residential or commercial), ease of use, scalability, compatibility with existing systems, and more.

    For example, if cost is a major consideration then you may want to opt for less sophisticated keypads or card readers rather than full wireless access communication systems.

    And if you’re looking for an access control system that can easily be scaled and upgraded, then a software-based solution with integrated access control features might be the best option.

    No matter which type of access control system you choose, make sure it’s one that will meet your needs today and in the future. Look for a system that is secure, reliable, and easy to manage, as well as compatible with any existing security protocols or technologies you may already have in place.

    Additionally, choosing access control software with administrative tools such as user profiles and computerized reports can help simplify the process of managing access rights across multiple locations or departments.

    How To Install An Access Control System 6-Step Guide

    Installing an access control system can be a great way to secure your building or premises. With keycard access control systems, you can keep track of who is entering and exiting the area and ensure that only authorized personnel have access.

    To help you successfully install your keycard access control system, here’s a 6-step guide:

    1. Research – The first step in any good access system installation is researching what type of keycard access control system best suits your needs and budget. There are many different options available, so take time to consider which one will give you the most reliable security.

    2. Design – Once you’ve selected the keycard access control system for your installation, it’s time to design the layout of the system. Consider keycard reader placement, wiring paths, power sources, and any other key elements that will help ensure you have a properly functioning access control system.

    3. Install – Now it’s time to start the installation! Begin by laying out your keycard readers in their designated locations and running the necessary wires. Make sure to connect all key components (such as controllers, keycard readers, etc.) before proceeding.

    4. Program – Once everything is connected and wired correctly, it’s time to program your keycard access control system so that it works with your desired parameters. This may involve programming door locks, setting up user permissions, or simply entering login information.

    5. Monitor – After your keycard access control system is up and running, you’ll want to make sure it’s working correctly. This involves testing key components and monitoring the system for any issues that may arise. It’s also key to ensure users are understanding how to use the keycards properly.

    6. Maintain – Access control systems require regular maintenance in order to keep them functioning optimally. This includes regular inspections of key components, cleaning keycard readers, troubleshooting any glitches in the system, and updating software as needed or when available updates are released from the manufacturer.

    Tips For Maintaining Your Access Control System

    Access control systems are a great way to keep your property secure, but they need to be maintained and serviced regularly in order to remain effective.

    Here are some tips for maintaining your access control system:

    1. Regularly inspect the access points – Make sure that all access points are properly functioning, free of debris and damage, and configured correctly. Check door frames, locks, keypads, sensors, etc., for any signs of wear or malfunctioning components.

    2. Update access control-based access – If you have access control based on IP addresses or other forms of identification, ensure those access rules remain current with the latest software updates available from the manufacturer. This will help prevent unauthorized access to your system.

    3. Test access control system regularly – Run a test of the access control system on a regular basis to ensure that access rights are working correctly and that all access points are properly secured.

    4. Change access codes/passwords frequently – Make sure access codes, passwords, and other forms of identification are changed on a regular basis according to your security protocol. This will help protect against unauthorized access and keep your system secure.

    5. Have access control system installation professionals inspect the system annually – A professional access control system installation company can help identify any potential weak areas in your current access control setup, as well as recommend ways to tighten security where necessary. Professional maintenance is essential for keeping an effective access control system running smoothly.

    Common Problems With Access Control Systems And How To Solve Them

    Access control systems are used to regulate and monitor access levels for individuals or groups within a building. They are sometimes connected to an IP address, which allows remote access from anywhere in the world.

    While these systems can provide a great degree of security, they also come with their own set of problems that must be addressed and solved.

    Here are some common issues that arise with access control systems and how to solve them:

    Incorrect Permissions:

    If someone has been granted the wrong level of access or is able to enter areas of the building they should not be in, this can be corrected by changing the settings on the IP address-based access control system. Administrators should review permissions regularly to ensure everything is up-to-date and accurate.

    System Malfunction:

    If the system is not working properly, it may be a result of a technical issue or a problem with the ip address-based access control management software. It is important to troubleshoot these problems as soon as possible in order to minimize any security risks associated with an unreliable system.

    Unauthorized Access:

    If someone attempts to gain access without providing the correct credentials or fails to follow procedure, this could be considered unauthorized access and should be reported immediately. Unauthorized entry can lead to serious security breaches if not addressed quickly and thoroughly.

    Future Trends In Access Control Technology

    Access control technology has come a long way in recent years, with more advanced systems and hardware now available. As these trends continue to evolve, there are various new technologies that can be used for access control to keep your business safe and secure.

    One of the most popular access control trends is biometric access control hardware. This type of system uses fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, or other biometrics to verify identity before granting access to an area.

    Biometric security is much more secure than traditional methods such as key cards or RFID tags since it is not possible to duplicate a person’s unique physical characteristics. This type of technology is becoming increasingly popular in businesses due to its added level of protection and convenience.

    Another trend in access control is the use of software-based access control systems. These systems are often cloud-based, allowing businesses to manage their access control from anywhere with an internet connection.

    This can be especially beneficial for businesses that have multiple locations or require remote access. Software-based access control also offers enhanced scalability, meaning that it can easily adjust to changing needs without requiring costly upgrades.

    When selecting the best access control system for your business, you’ll want to consider your specific requirements and budget. There are a number of reputable vendors who offer various levels of access control equipment and software, so researching each one are key before making a decision.

    Look for features such as integration capabilities with other security measures, comprehensive reporting, and a user-friendly setup.

    Have you ever wanted to take control of your access and security?

    WOW Locks makes it easy to set up an Access Control system. Our 6-step guide will walk you through the entire process so that even if you are a beginner at access control installation, you can do it yourself with confidence. Learn how to install locks, gate operators, surveillance systems, and more step by step.

    Desire: With our comprehensive guide, no task is too big or complicated for anyone to handle – ensuring your home or business remains secure without any hassles. Whether setting up automated entry gates or biometric key card readers – we’ll show you how it’s done!

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  • Characteristics Of An Emergency Locksmith

    An emergency locksmith is a professional who provides services for unlocking and repairing locks during times of crisis. They specialize in identifying, creating, and maintaining security systems to protect homes, businesses, and other properties from unauthorized access. Emergency locksmiths are available 24 hours a day to provide customers with the necessary assistance when they need it most. They have the expertise required to open any type of lock, whether it be manual or electronic.

    Emergency locksmiths also offer key duplication services, as well as providing advice on home security measures that can be taken in order to increase safety and peace of mind. In addition, these professionals often provide lockout services in cases where keys have been misplaced or stolen. The following are some of the key characteristics of an emergency locksmith.

    First, they must be highly skilled and knowledgeable in their area of expertise. Emergency locksmiths must possess an intimate understanding of the various types of locking mechanisms available so that they can identify the most appropriate solution for a particular situation. They should also have experience in using specialized tools to open locks without damaging them. Furthermore, these professionals need to stay informed on the latest developments and trends in security technology to ensure that they are up-to-date with the best practices.

    Second, emergency locksmiths must be reliable and trustworthy. They must always provide prompt service when called upon, no matter what time of day it is. Additionally, customers must feel confident that their requests will not only be answered but also addressed appropriately. Customers should be able to rest assured that their service provider is reliable and can be relied upon during times of need.

    Finally, emergency locksmiths must always maintain a high level of professionalism. They must adhere to the highest standards of customer service, conducting all work with care and respect for the customer’s privacy and security concerns. As mentioned above, they should also have experience in using specialized tools to open locks without damaging them. Furthermore, they must be equipped with the right equipment for their job so that they are able to provide the best possible solutions for their customers’ needs.

    These are just some of the key characteristics of an emergency locksmith that make them essential services during times of crisis or when issues arise with locks. They are able to provide customers with the most reliable solutions for their security needs, ensuring that they are safe and protected at all times. Whether it be in the home or the office, emergency locksmiths can always be relied upon during times of need.

    A locksmith is a professional who installs, repairs, and opens locks. A good locksmith is someone you can rely on in an emergency, whether it’s to help you get into your home or car or to cut off a lock when you’ve lost your key.

    When looking for a locksmith, it’s important to find someone who has the necessary skills and experience to handle any kind of emergency. Here are some of the characteristics of an emergency locksmith.

    Losing your keys or locking yourself out of your house or car can be a huge hassle.

    What do you do when you lose your keys? Or worse, what if you’re locked out of your house or car? You could try to jimmy the lock open yourself, but that could damage the door or the lock and end up costing even more money.

    Wow Locks is a professional emergency locksmith service that can help you get back into your home or car quickly and without damaging your property. We offer a wide range of services, from key duplication to lockout assistance, so you can get back on with your day as quickly as possible.

    FAQs About Emergency Locksmith

    What is an emergency locksmith?

    An emergency locksmith is a professional who specializes in providing quick and reliable locksmith services in times of need. They can be called upon to provide lockout services, repair damaged locks, or make new keys.

    Emergency locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and often offer their services on holidays as well. Since they specialize in emergency situations, they are typically able to respond quickly when you call them for assistance.

    In addition to unlocking doors and making new keys, an emergency locksmith may also provide security solutions such as installing door alarms or CCTV cameras. They are also experts at repairing broken safes or vaults and rekeying existing ones.

    A good emergency locksmith will always have the latest tools and equipment needed to help with any lock and key issue. So if you ever find yourself in a bind, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced emergency locksmith for assistance.

    What To Do When You’re Locked Out Of Your House Or Car?

    First, if you’re locked out of your car, call emergency services. If you’re locked out of your house, call a service provider like a locksmith or property manager. In either case, describe the situation and ask for help.

    Once you’re in contact with a professional, they’ll be able to assess the situation and provide quality services to get you back into your home or car. Be sure to ask about their rates and fees before they begin work, so there are no surprises.

    And when you’re finally back inside, take some time to find the best locksmiths in your area so you’re prepared for any future emergency.

    6 Characteristics Of An Emergency Locksmith

    Emergency locksmiths are in high demand these days. More and more people are finding themselves in emergency situations where they are locked out of their house, their car, or their office. As a result, emergency locksmiths are increasingly in demand.

    Here are six characteristics of an emergency locksmith:

    1. They are available 24/7: Emergency locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that they can come to your aid at any time of the day or night, no matter what day it is.

    2. They have a wide range of skills: Emergency locksmiths are not just experts at picking locks. They also have a wide range of other skills, such as being able to make keys, change locks, and install security systems. This means that they can help you in a variety of different emergency situations.

    3. They are bonded and insured: Emergency locksmiths are bonded and insured, which means that you can rest assured that they will not cause any damage to your property. In addition, if they do cause any damage, their insurance will cover the cost of repairs.

    4. They are Background-Checked: Emergency locksmiths have undergone background checks to ensure that they are trustworthy and reliable. This means that you can feel confident that they will not try to take advantage of you in an emergency situation.

    5. They have a Credentialed Team: Emergency locksmiths work with a team of other credentialed professionals, such as certified locksmiths, who can provide you with the help you need in an emergency situation.

    6. They use the Latest Technology: Emergency locksmith services make use of the latest technologies to ensure that they can quickly and efficiently get you back into your home or office. This includes using keyless entry systems and laser-cutting machines to create new keys for you.

    How To Find A Reputable Locksmith Company?

    In this day and age, the demand for locksmiths is increasing. With the changing locks on a regular basis, there are new customers all the time. While this is good for business, it can be tricky to find a reputable locksmith company.

    Here are a few tips to help you out.

    First, ask your friends and family if they know of any good locksmiths in the area. If they have used one in the past, they will be able to give you a good recommendation. If not, they may at least be able to tell you who to avoid.

    Next, do some research online. Look for reviews of different locksmith companies in your area. See what others have said about their experience with each one. This can be a great way to narrow down your options.

    Finally, when you have found a few potential companies, give them a call. Ask them about their rates and services. Also, ask if they have any specials going on that you could take advantage of.

    By doing your research, you should be able to find a reputable locksmith company that will meet all of your needs.

    What Are Some Of The Most Common Reasons People Call Emergency Locksmiths?

    One of the most common reasons people call emergency locksmiths is because they have locked themselves out of their houses. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as lost keys or a faulty lock. In some cases, people may even accidentally lock themselves in a room or the trunk of their car.

    Whatever the reason, being locked out of your home can be a frustrating and even dangerous experience. Fortunately, emergency locksmiths are available 24 hours a day to help you get back into your home safely.

    Another common reason people call emergency locksmiths is that they need to change their locks in a hurry. This may be due to a break-in attempt, a lost key, or simply because you want to upgrade your security.

    Whatever the reason, an emergency locksmith can usually change your locks within a few hours.

    This is especially convenient if you need to change your locks outside of normal business hours.

    The increasing demand for emergency locksmith services is also due to the fact that more and more people are carrying expensive electronic devices with them everywhere they go.

    Losing these devices can be very costly, so having an emergency locksmith on hand to help you recover them is becoming increasingly important.

    Many emergency locksmiths now offer GPS tracking services so that you can quickly locate your lost device and get it back before it falls into the wrong hands.

    Whether you’re locked out of your house or just need to change your locks in a hurry, calling an emergency locksmith is always a good idea. These professionals are trained to handle all sorts of locked-out situations and can usually get you back into your home or office within a matter of hours.

    They also offer GPS tracking services so that you can quickly locate your lost device and get it back before it falls into the wrong hands. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that the demand for emergency locksmith services is on the rise.


    An emergency locksmith is someone who you can rely on in a time of need. They are available 24/7 to help you get into your home or car when you are locked out, and they have the tools and knowledge necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    When it comes to finding a reliable emergency locksmith, it is important to do your research.

    By following these tips, you can rest assured that you will be able to find an emergency locksmith who will help you get back into your home or car as quickly as possible.

    Need help with a lockout?

    WOW Locks is committed to providing customers with fast and reliable locksmith services in emergency situations. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge, tools, and expertise needed to get you out of any jam as quickly and safely as possible. We believe that prompt service and attention to detail are essential for our customers’ safety and peace of mind.

    With WOW Locks, you can rest assured knowing your lockouts will be taken care of professionally and on time. No matter the situation or severity, we guarantee a fast response time so that you don’t need to worry about being stuck outside your home or vehicle for too long. Plus, if you ever run into an issue down the road where it’s necessary to replace or rekey doors or windows – we’re here for that too!

    Contact us now at (844) 969-5625 if you require emergency locksmith services!

  • What Is An Automatic Door Closer?

    Are you looking for ways to improve the security and convenience of your home or business? An automatic door closer is a great solution! An automatic door closer is an innovative device that is designed to close a door automatically once it has been opened.

    This can provide not only added security but also improved efficiency, as well as help reduce energy costs. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of what automatic door closer is, how they work, and why they are beneficial in both residential and commercial settings.

    Door closers are devices that automatically close a door after someone has opened it, providing a sense of security and convenience. 

    There are many different types of door closers on the market, but which one is right for you? 

    Wow Locks LLC offers a wide variety of automatic door closers to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. With our products, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your doors will always close securely.

    What Is An Automatic Door Closer And What Does It Do?

    An automatic door closer is a device installed on screen doors, swinging doors, and sliding doors to keep them closed when they are not in use. It usually consists of a door closer body that is attached to the door frame or wall, and an arm that attaches to the door itself.

    When the door is opened, the arm applies pressure against the closer body which then slowly closes the door back into its original position. Automatic door closers are especially useful for preventing heat loss or air leakage due to doors being left open by accident—or on purpose.

    They also help prevent damage caused by wind or other external forces, as well as ensure security by keeping unauthorized people out. Most automatic door closers come with adjustable tension settings so you can control how quickly the door closes and how firmly it is held shut.

    There are also models that feature delayed-action mechanisms which allow a certain amount of time for people to pass through before the door closes completely.

    Automatic door closers have become an essential component in many commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and other facilities where security is important.

    They also provide added convenience and safety when screen doors are used as they help keep insects out while allowing air to circulate properly within a building.

    How Does An Automatic Door Closer Work?

    Automatic door closers are automatic devices that are designed to close a door and latch it securely shut after it has been opened. They usually consist of a spring-loaded mechanism and an arm attached to the door jamb. The device operates using two sets of materials: the door hardware and the closing itself.

    The door hardware includes hinges, catches, knobs, latches, and handles which allow the automatic door opener to properly function. When someone opens the door, the automatic closer will activate a series of springs in order to slowly and gently close it until locked or latched shut tight.

    Automatic closers can be adjusted according to different needs such as the speed at which they close, the security levels required, and also how they should respond when subjected to heavy wind drafts. Installing automatic door closers is an efficient and economic way to ensure the security of your premises.

    When installing automatic door closers, it is important to choose the right type of hardware for the job in order to avoid any potential problems later on. Different types of automatic door openers are available for different applications and door styles so make sure you select one that fits your specific needs.

    Additionally, automatic door closers should be installed properly in order to get the maximum benefit from them; this means ensuring correct placement on the door jamb and making sure all components are installed correctly.

    Finally, automatic door closers should be regularly inspected and tested in order to ensure they are working as intended and that no faults or issues have arisen.

    What Are The Benefits Of Having An Automatic Door Closer Installed On Your Doors?

    The primary benefit of having an automatic door closer installed is that it ensures latch speed and fire door integrity.

    An automatic door closer helps provide security by ensuring that doors latch quickly when they are closed, reducing the time between closure and latch. This can help make sure that no intruders have time to enter your building after a door is opened.

    Additionally, it helps protect against fire danger as well, ensuring that fire doors close properly and quickly in emergency situations. Automatic door closers also reduce wear and tear on doors, as they automatically close them rather than requiring manual effort to do so every time.

    Finally, having an automatic door closer installed can improve safety at home or in the workplace, providing assurance that everyone’s safety will be protected.

    Are There Any Drawbacks To Using An Automatic Door Closer?

    The most common drawback to using a door closer is that most door closers are not adjustable, meaning you can’t adjust the speed or force of the closing. This means that if you want to slow down the force with which your door closes, you would have to use adjustment valves, which reduce the power generated by the spring hinges.

    If this isn’t done properly, it could cause damage to both your door and its frame. Additionally, most door closers require more maintenance than a standard spring hinge, as they need to be regularly lubricated and adjusted in order for them to continue working properly.

    Finally, most door closers are not aesthetically pleasing; in fact, some might even detract from the overall look of your space!

    How Much Do Automatic Door Closers Cost, And Where Can You Buy Them From?

    The cost of an automatic door closer will depend on the type and size that you need. Generally, commercial-grade door closers can cost anywhere from $50 to over $300. Depending on the complexity or design, some may even be more expensive than this.

    You can purchase automatic door closers both online and in-store at a variety of different retailers. Popular stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon offer many options for automatic door closers.

    You should also consider checking with specialty hardware stores for more specific types of door closers. Additionally, you could look into ordering directly from manufacturers as well as searching for used models to save money. Ultimately, it is important to compare prices from multiple vendors before making your final purchase.

    In addition to the cost of the door closer itself, you may also need to factor in additional installation costs as well as any necessary tools or materials.

    To find out more about specific pricing and options, it would be best to contact a local retailer or installer for further information.

    Unfortunately, automatic door closers can be an expensive investment and there are many factors that go into determining the cost. However, with some research and comparison shopping, you should be able to find a quality product at a reasonable price that meets your needs.

    Who Should Install An Automatic Door Closer In Your Home Or Office Building?

    If you are looking to increase the security of your home or office building, installing an automatic door closer is a great way to do it.

    An automatic door closer can be installed on any type of door and will automatically close the door after a certain period of time or upon detecting movement.

    They come in various styles and sizes to fit different types of doors and can even be keyed for added security.

    Automatic door closers are especially beneficial in commercial settings, such as businesses, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and more.

    They provide an extra layer of security by ensuring that doors remain closed until someone specifically opens them from the inside or outside. This helps keep out unwanted visitors as well as control airflow between rooms.

    Automatic door closers can also be beneficial in homes, especially with children. They help ensure that children are not able to wander away without an adult’s knowledge and they can give added peace of mind when it comes to home security.

    What Are the Different Types Of Automatic Door Closers?

    Automatic door closers are devices designed to close exterior doors or any type of door open after it has been used. They are commonly used in commercial applications, such as airport terminals and office buildings.

    There are several different types of automatic door closers available, each offering its own unique features and benefits.

    The most common types of automatic door closers include:

    Hydraulic Closers

    These operate using a hydraulic mechanism that closes the door at a constant speed. This type is generally more expensive than other models but offers greater reliability and durability.

    Swing Arm Closers

    These types use an arm-type device that pushes the exterior doors closed when they’ve been opened too far. This type is often used in exterior doors or areas that require a higher degree of security.

    Magnetic Closers

    These utilize magnets to close exterior doors and are generally more affordable than other models. They are typically used for interior door applications, such as offices and classrooms.

    Electric Strike Closers

    These use an electric strike plate attached to the exterior door frame to close exterior doors after they have been opened. This type is most commonly found in commercial settings and is ideal for areas with high-security requirements.

    What Are The Main Factors To Consider When Purchasing An Automatic Door Closer For Your Property?

    When looking for an automatic door closer for a property, there are several factors to consider. The primary factor to think about is whether the door will be used indoors or outdoors.

    Outdoor doors typically require heavier-duty closers that can stand up to harsher weather conditions such as rain and wind. Additionally, you should determine what type of latch mechanism the door has so that the correct size and strength of the closer can be chosen.

    The next consideration is installation and mounting options. Some closers have multiple installation methods like top jamb, parallel arm, fasteners, or surface mount. You need to select one that suits the existing setup of your doorframe as well as any obstructions it may encounter when being opened or closed.

    Another factor to think about is the power source. Most closers require a power source, either 110-volt or battery-powered. If your door is not being used regularly then a battery-operated closer may be more cost-effective.

    Finally, you should consider any additional features you may want in an automatic door closer such as adjustable speed, hold-open function, and adjustable airflow control.

    All of these features can make using the door easier and more convenient for users. By taking all of these criteria into account when purchasing an automatic door closer, you can ensure that it meets both your needs and budget.


    Automatic door closers can provide many benefits in both commercial and residential settings. By understanding the different types of automatic door closers available, as well as the factors to consider when purchasing one, you can make an informed decision that best meets your needs.

    Whether it’s increased security or convenience you’re looking for, an automatic door closer is a great way to ensure your doors remain securely closed. Ultimately, selecting an automatic door closer for a property should involve careful research and consideration of the various types of closers available.

    It’s important to consider how often the door will be used, what type of latch mechanism it has, installation and mounting options, the power source, and any additional features that may be desired. With all of this information in mind, a suitable automatic door closer can easily be found for any property.

    Are you looking for a way to make your life easier?

    An automatic door closer is the perfect way to make your life easier. It automatically closes a door after someone has gone through it, so you don’t have to worry about it. This is perfect for busy people who are always on the go.

    You can install an automatic door closer in just minutes, and it’s very easy to use. It’s also very affordable, so there’s no reason not to get one today.

    Call us to learn more about automatic door closer.

  • What Is A Deadbolt Lock? How Does It Work?

    When it comes to security, a deadbolt lock is one of the most important things you can install on your door. But what is a deadbolt lock? How does it work? And why is it such an important part of your home security system? Keep reading to find out!

    What Is A Deadbolt Lock And What Are Its Benefits?

    A deadbolt lock is a type of locking mechanism that is often used on doors in homes and businesses. The name “deadbolt” comes from the fact that this type of lock cannot be opened simply by turning the knob; the bolt must be manually pushed back into the door frame in order to open the door.

    This makes deadbolt locks much more difficult to pick than traditional knob locks, and also makes them more resistant to being forced open with a credit card or other thin object.

    As a result, deadbolts are an excellent choice for use on exterior doors, particularly those that are not visible from the street or are well-lit at night.

    A double-cylinder deadbolt is a type of locking mechanism that is typically used on doors. It contains two cylinders, one on each side of the door, that are connected by a metal rod.

    In order to unlock the door, the correct key must be inserted into both cylinders simultaneously.

    This design makes double-cylinder deadbolts more difficult to pick than standard door locks, and it also prevents someone from unlocking the door from the outside if the glass in the door is broken.

    As a result, double-cylinder deadbolts are often considered to be more secure than other types of locks. Additionally, they can provide an added measure of security in areas where crime rates are high or home invasions are a concern.

    How To Install A Deadbolt Lock On Your Door?

    The front door is the primary entry point for many homes, so it’s important to make sure it is secure. One way to do this is to install a deadbolt lock. Deadbolt locks are more difficult to pick than traditional door locks, and they are also less vulnerable to “bump keys” which can be used to force entry.

    Deadbolt locks are much more difficult to pick than standard door locks, and they are also resistant to bump keys.

    In order to install a deadbolt lock, you will need a few tools and supplies, including a drill, a saw, and a screwdriver. The process is relatively straightforward: first, you will need to drill a hole in the door for the thumb turn.

    Next, you will need to drill a hole in the key cylinder. Finally, you will need to screw the deadbolt into place. Once you have installed the deadbolt lock, be sure to test it regularly to make sure that it is working properly.

    How Does A Deadbolt Lock Work, And How Can You Use It To Your Advantage?

    A deadbolt lock is one of the best ways to secure your home or business. But how does it work? Essentially, a deadbolt is a bolt that cannot be moved without a key.

    The bolt extends into the door frame, and the door cannot be opened until the bolt is retracted. Deadbolts are often used in conjunction with regular doorknob locks, providing an extra layer of security.

    Many locksmiths also recommend installing keyless locks, which can be opened with a code instead of a key. This can be advantageous if you frequently lose your keys or if you want to provide access to multiple people without having to keep track of multiple keys.

    Deadbolts are incredibly strong, and they are often used in fire doors and other situations where absolute security is required. The bolt itself is usually made from hardened steel, and it is designed to withstand a lot of force.

    In addition, most deadbolts have a shear line, which is the point at which the bolt will break if too much force is applied. This prevents someone from using a saw or other tool to cut through the bolt and gain entry.

    Finally, many deadbolts are now bump-proof, meaning that they cannot be forced open with a bump key. This makes them even more difficult to defeat, providing an added layer of security for your home or business.

    Are There Any Other Types Of Locks That Offer Similar Benefits To The Deadbolt Lock System?

    The door lock is one of the most important safety features in any home. And of all the different types of door locks available, the deadbolt lock system is widely considered to be the most secure.

    Deadbolt locks are available in both single and double-cylinder varieties. Single-cylinder deadbolts are operated with a key from the outside and a thumb turn from the inside, while double-cylinder locks require a key for both the inside and outside.

    In addition, deadbolts should always be used in conjunction with a strike plate, which screws into the door frame and reinforces the door at the point where it latches.

    Deadbolt Locks For Security-Conscious Homeowners

    Home security is a top priority for many homeowners, and for good reason. A home break-in can be a harrowing experience, and the aftermath can be devastating. Unfortunately, traditional locks are often no match for determined thieves.

    A more effective option is a single-cylinder deadbolt, which is much more difficult to pick or force open. When choosing a deadbolt lock, it is important to select one that has a high rating from a reputable organization such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

    It is also important to have the lock installed by a professional to ensure that it is properly aligned and functioning properly. With a little research, it is possible to find a deadbolt lock that will provide an extra measure of security for your home.

    Can A Deadbolt Lock Be Broken Into, And If So, How Can You Make It More Secure?

    A deadbolt lock is best known as a “high security” type of lock. It is different from a spring bolt in that a spring bolt automatically locks when the door is closed, whereas a deadbolt requires the user to manually lock it with a key.

    A major advantage that a deadbolt has over a spring bolt is that it cannot be accidentally left unlocked. Additionally, deadbolts are much more difficult to pick than spring bolts. However, deadbolts can be broken into if enough force is applied.

    The best way to prevent this from happening is to install a fire break on the interior side of the door. This will prevent the door from being pushed open even if the lock is broken.

    Additionally, you should always make sure that your deadbolt is locked before leaving your home or going to bed. By taking these simple precautions, you can help ensure that your home is safe and secure.

    Difference Between Regular Locks And Deadbolt Locks

    If you’re looking for greater security for the doors in your home, it is important to understand the difference between regular locks and deadbolt locks. Regular locks use a spring latch system, which only requires you to turn an interior knob to activate. Deadbolt locks are much more secure as they have a solid steel bolt that slides into the door frame when locked.

    Furthermore, deadbolts need a key to lock and unlock them both on the outside and inside of the door. Both types of locks provide excellent protection if installed properly. The level of security provided by each type of lock will determine which one is best suited for certain doors and areas within your home.

    Types Of Deadbolts

    Single Cylinder Deadbolt

    This type of deadbolt is operated with a key from the outside and a thumb-turn from the inside. To open it, you simply need to rotate the thumb turn and push the door open. It is considered one of the most secure options due to its design, which makes it nearly impossible to pick or bump.

    Double Cylinder Deadbolts

    This type of deadbolt is operated with a key from both the inside and outside, making it much more secure than single-cylinder deadbolts. It offers an extra layer of security because even if someone were able to break the glass on your door, they would still need to unlock the door from the inside with a key.

    Keyless Deadbolts

    This type of deadbolt is operated with an electronic keypad that requires a combination or codes to unlock and open the door. It offers convenience, security, and flexibility as it can be programmed to be used by multiple users with different codes.

    Smart Deadbolts

    This type of deadbolt is controlled by an app or voice command and can be operated remotely. It offers a higher level of security as it can be programmed to lock and unlock at certain times or with certain user commands. Additionally, some smart deadbolts come with features such as auto-lock, intrusion alerts, and more.

    No matter which type of deadbolt you choose for your home or business, make sure it is installed properly to ensure maximum security and peace of mind. Deadbolts are an essential part of any security system and should be chosen with care. Take the time to research different types and find one that offers the security, convenience, and flexibility you need.

    Parts Of A Deadbolt


    The deadbolt is the main part of the lock and is usually a cylindrical metal piece with two “wings” on either side. It fits into the door frame, allowing it to slide back and forth when locked or unlocked.

    Strike Plate

    The strike plate is a rectangular metal plate that attaches to the door frame and is secured with screws. It serves as a receptacle for the deadbolt when it is locked.

    Bolt Keeper

    The bolt keeper is a small rectangular piece of metal that fits over the bolt on the inside of the door frame. Its purpose is to keep the deadbolt in place when locked, preventing it from being moved.


    The key is used to lock and unlock the deadbolt by turning the cylinder. It can be a traditional brass or metal key, or a more modern electronic keypad with a PIN code.


    The handle is attached to the outside of the door and allows the user to open the door from the outside. It may be connected to an interior locking mechanism, or it may simply be decorative and not actually move when turned.

    Latch Guard

    The latch guard is a small metal plate that covers the latch on the edge of the door frame. Its purpose is to protect the latch from being pushed in when the door is closed, preventing it from being opened.

    By understanding the parts of a deadbolt, you can ensure that your locks are secure and effective. Whether you choose to install a traditional keyed deadbolt or an electronic one with a PIN code, make sure that each part is properly installed and maintained for optimal security.


    A deadbolt lock is one of the most important security features you can install in your home. It is a locking mechanism that cannot be opened from the outside without a key, making it much more difficult for burglars to break in. If you are considering installing a deadbolt on your doors, we highly recommend doing so. Our locksmiths are experts at installing deadbolts and can help you choose the best type of lock for your needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

    Attention: Wondering what a deadbolt lock is and how it works? Wonder no more!

    Interest: A deadbolt lock is a locking mechanism that uses a key or thumb turn to engage the bolt. It’s one of the most common types of locks used in the United States.

    Desire: Deadbolt locks are incredibly secure and can be used on exterior or interior doors. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to keep their home or office safe and secure.

    Call us at (844) 969-5625 to learn more about Wow Locks, the best deadbolt locks on the market today!